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Book One of The Relentless Woman Series, the saga of the Campo women, a tale of three strong-willed women taking control of the life stolen from them by the man they trusted.  

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The Relentless Woman

Roselyn Rodriguez is devastated when she discovers her nineteen-year-old daughter, with weeks to live, is not her biological daughter, and her husband, Adrian, leaves her after the shocking betrayal. Can Roselyn find a way to move forward?​


The Vindictive Women

​The Sequel To The Relentless Woman

Disappointing a woman is a dangerous thing. Disappointing two is downright stupid. 

Kidnapped at birth and replaced with her half-sister, Eliza, Jasmine leads a difficult, deprived life compared to her sister’s privileged one. Yet, nineteen years later, the sisters become inseparable when their mother reunites them. But their reunion didn’t come by serendipity. The unprecedented circumstances of life and death that bring them together uncovered a web of lies, deception, and manipulation by Adrian Rodriguez, their biological father and his lover, both now imprisoned for the kidnap-and-switch crime.

Now, Jasmine and Eliza must face the painful truth of their father’s hand in the callous scheme perpetrated solely to fill his bank account to get on with their lives. Together, the sisters embark on a transformative journey to cleanse themselves of the father who lied, hurt, and robbed nineteen years of their lives.

Can the two women, who led very different lives, be equally vindictive in their approach?

The Vindictive Women
Paperback ISBN TBA

eBook and paperback AVAILABLE Online:

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