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My Inspiration For The Blind Woman

A story’s beginning can come from an everyday observation, a line from the novel you’re reading, a book’s title or from anywhere, really. My storyline for The Blind Woman came to me after reading Helen Keller’s quote: The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

It took me several weeks to compile the book’s outline, but once I started writing, the storyline flowed as easily as the splashing brook where Celeste and Matthew spend many days getting to know one another.

I portrayed Celeste as a cocky, smart, blind woman because aside from the fact we each have obstacles to overcome in life, women always have and always will. And Celeste does surmount her impediment because, as physically blind as she is, she has more vision than most sighted people.

I wanted Celeste to be the type of woman who didn’t dwell on her blindness or allow it to inhibit her life. However, when it did, she was smart enough to seek and accept the needed help to lift herself.

Surmounting is what women do daily, and Celeste does just that to get on with her life and find love with a man who respects and sees her for the strong, independent woman she is.

This story is for the strong woman that exists in every one of us. Yes, in every one of us because she’s in you, and it’s only a matter of unleashing her.

I hope you enjoy Celeste’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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