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The second installment of the Unbreakable Woman series. 

the unbreakable woman series

The first installment of The Unbreakable Woman Series, three women brought together by the murder of Frank Deek.  

The Valiant Woman


A surprising discovery forces Georgie Vallens to make a decision that will change the trajectory of her life.

With her father dead, murdered at the hands of his estranged wife or possibly his twenty-two-year-old lover, Georgie Vallens’s long-stored memories of the atrocities he committed surface. Georgie’s heart and mind drowning in sorrow, she seeks comfort in the arms of any man willing to fill her bed—including Alexander Teal.

Alexander fills the void in Georgie left by her father’s death and mollifies the exposed cruelty he committed during his lifetime against the women in his life—including her.

Alexander is the man her father wasn’t. He’s loving and caring and infuses Georgie with the confidence her father never did. Yet, falling in love and forging a meaningful relationship with any man, even one as wonderful as Alexander, is difficult for Georgie. Like it or not, her father’s influence predisposes her to cart the evil he had in him with her, and like her father, hurting people is what she does best—or so she believes. 

Georgie must decide between the type of hollow life her father led and one filled with love and happiness.

The Valiant Woman
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