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The Noble Woman

One woman, the two men who love her, and the betrayal that leads to the unexpected ending that surprises all—even her.

Striving to recover from the debilitating depression brought on by the tragic event that strips her of the most important people in her life, Alessandra travels thousands of miles from her home to a foreign land she knows nothing about.

In her search for the comfort she needs, Alessandra finds love in Luca and Daniel’s arms. Both men bring to her life the emotional stability and the love she craves.

Now, Alessandra must choose between the man she can’t trust, but whom she’s madly in love with, and the man who will love her as no man has, but whom she can’t love back.

The Noble Woman
eBook ISBN 978-1-7752956-2-4
Paperback ISBN 978-1-7771453-3-0

eBook and paperback AVAILABLE Online:

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