The Bind  Woman

The remarkable story of a woman and a man whose lives intersect in profound and surprising ways.

Celeste can’t remember anything of the accident that killed her parents, left her blind and alone at the tender age of thirteen. Seven years later, still traumatized by the events of that horrific night, the stress of losing her therapist, Dr. Spencer Lawson the man she’s come to rely on and having to leave the boarding school she’s called home for years, becomes too much for Celeste and she decides to end it.

Luckily, for Celeste, Matthew Lawson appears out of nowhere to save her from making the worst mistake of her life, but soon enough, she finds out their chance meeting was anything but serendipitous. Matthew has purposely sought her out, shadowed her for weeks because he believes Celeste has the answers to the many questions his father left unanswered.

The Blind Woman
Paperback ISBN TBA

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