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The Tortured  Woman

Sometimes, the unknown is better than the known. Kiki will find out the hard way.

 A ballet prodigy, Kiki Springer is travelling the world, performing for royalty and world dignitaries. Kiki has done and accomplished more than a twenty-three-year-old could dream of, but her career is just starting, and she has so much more to do, so many plans and dreams to fulfil.

Life holds a lot of promise for Kiki Springer, but her perfect life comes to an abrupt standstill when her mother is diagnosed with a life-altering illness. Faced with the crumbling reality, Kiki must decide whether to continue pursuing the career she has worked hard to attain since she could walk or return home to care for her mother.

Returning home will not only put a pause on Kiki’s career, but it will force her to face the traumatic, life-changing event of impending loss. But as Marcie’s only daughter, dutiful Kiki returns home. When she does, secrets you only reveal before death come to light.

Discovering that her entire life has been a lie, Kiki embarks on a quest for answers that can only be found by uncovering the shocking truth.


The Tortured Woman
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