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The Unfaithful Woman

Loneliness is a debilitating feeling that blurs the line of morality. It wasn’t an excuse. It was just that Anastasia was human. At forty-seven, feeling lonely, old, unattractive, and unfulfilled in her nineteen-year marriage to Colin, Anastasia Wilder was at a crossroads.

When Tristan Ferguson, Anastasia’s childhood friend, and first love, comes home for his aunt’s funeral, the temptation to rekindle their once passionate relationship was inescapable. But there was Colin and the twins to think of. Then there was the fact that Tristan left her after making so many promises. He promised to marry her, yet he didn’t. He promised never to leave her, yet he did. He walked out of her life to make his mark in the world, and never came back.

None of that mattered to Anastasia now. From the moment she sees Tristan, she longs to have him back in her life, wants him in her bed, and the two relight the fire of their once passionate love. In the process, lies and betrayals surface, and everything in their lives is no longer as it seems. Nothing is as real as it once seemed.


The Unfaithful Woman
eBook 978-1-7752956-7-9
Paperback 978-1-7752956-8

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