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The last installment of the Unbreakable Woman series. 

The Brave Woman


A heartfelt story of family and the second chances we hope to get from the people we most love.

Twenty-two-year-old Nicole Jones wants to put behind the memory of her imprisonment and the trial that, after weeks of scrutiny into every aspect of her life, acquitted her of stabbing to death her lover, fifty-five-year-old Frank Deek. Now, getting on with her life and back on track to establish the relationship with the biological parents she spent months tracking down is all she wants to focus on.

Nicole’s plan is derailed, and her life is sent into a tailspin when she receives shocking news from her doctor. Facing difficult choices, Nicole needs the mother and father she barely knows by her side to help her navigate through the dark days ahead. To Nicole’s great relief, they stand by her side and help her make the life and death decision she is forced to make, but in the process, their newly formed family bond is put to the ultimate test.

The Brave Woman
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The Unbreakable woman series

The first installment of The Unbreakable Woman series, three women brought together by the horrific murder of Frank Deek.  

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