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The Resolute Woman

Maxine Basset’s resilience in the face of adversity is awe-inspiring. 

Maxine Basset is a demure, subdued teacher by day. At night, she transforms into the unreserved, lewd comedian Maxi Bass, a rising star who sells out every show at local comedy clubs. Maxine’s quirky life fuels her comedy; now, she is on the brink of her big break. The unexpected television special she’s offered can elevate her to the likes of Gilda Radner, Lucille Ball, and Tina Fey, comedians she idolizes—or so Maxine believes.

Just as Maxine is on the cusp of reaching her career’s pinnacle and achieving her dream, her life takes a dramatic, unexpected turn when Maxi Bass is exposed. Maxine’s once ideal, uncomplicated life morphs into a series of calamities, each more unpredictable than the last. Her stable job is threatened, shattering Maxine’s peaceful existence and state of mind. Adding to Maxine’s stressful and anxious state, Norman McDonnell, her impulsive boyfriend, tests her patience with his growing irresponsibility. Then there’s Rebecca and Michael, the thirtysomething inconsiderate new neighbours who adopt a dog whose bark is louder than the rumble of thunder and is left to roam outdoors day and night. Sleep-deprived, stressed, and anxious, Maxine’s creativity crumbles, and, by extension, her career and life.

But Maxine doesn’t give up. She embraces her imperfect life, finds humour in her struggle and eventually finds love in an unexpected place.


The Resolute Woman
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