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​​The continuance of M.L. Lexi’s The Determined Woman, The Persevering Woman and The Invincible Woman, resumes the saga of the Farfalla women, a tale of three very different women and their unbreakable will.

The Determined  Woman

​The Farfalla Family Saga, Book 1

A secret that threatens to hurt everyone she loves. A man who challenges everything.

“Secrets are like walls, Isabella,” her father told her. “They will protect you and those around you from the pain the outside world can inflict, and the harm that spawns beyond them, but only temporarily. Because no matter how shocking or terrible those secrets are, eventually, they always come out.”

Isabella’s journey resurrects a past she knows nothing about, a present that aims to cause her pain and suffering, and a future she never imagined would come to pass. 

The Determined Woman is a tribute to courageous women who, even during their darkest hour, determinedly press on to attain their dreams.



The Determined Woman
eBook ISBN 978-1-7752956-3-1
Paperback ISBN 978-1-7771453-0-9

The third and last installment of the Farfalla family saga. 


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The second installment of the Farfalla family saga. 


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