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The Naïve Woman
The sequel to The Fearless Woman

Death touches Cassie's life for the second time in months, and once again, she must pick herself up and make a new life for herself. This time, however, the fifteen million dollar inheritance she received from the death of the father she recently located subjects her to unprovoked attacks and uncovers an inconceivable truth.​

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M.L. Lexi is the author of “The Woman,” books about strong, independent women navigating life’s journey and the everyday struggles with relationships,  family, and careers 
that define us.

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I enjoy bringing them to you.

—  M.L. Lexi

The Relentless Woman

Roselyn Rodriguez is devastated when she discovers her nineteen-year-old daughter, with weeks to live, is not her biological daughter, and her husband, Adrian, leaves her after the shocking betrayal. Can Roselyn find a way to move forward?​

​Book one of the Relentless Woman Series

The Fearless Woman Series Book One


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The Deceitful Woman

Can two women who don’t know one another, but are connected by an extraordinary event confront the wounds of the past?



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