The Guilty Woman Excerpt

March 1948

“OH GOD! OH God, oh God, is he dead?”

Thick, red blood from the smashed skull flowed thick, and spread around his head. The white pearl buttons from Francesca’s silk blouse, the ones that popped when he latched onto her as she tried to get away, were scattered in the pool of blood. They looked like tiny, round eyes staring up at them. The coffee-table Francesca had fallen back on when she managed to escape his grip lay overturned. Tiffany lamps and the Waterford vase that held the fresh white roses lay shattered on the wooden floor next to the body.
     Father Matthew set the blood covered silver candleholder in his hands on the table flanking the red splattered couch, and lowered two fingers to the man’s neck. “Yes, he is,” he confirmed when he didn’t feel a pulse. Automatically, he rummaged through his pocket for his stole. Kissing it, he wrapped it around his neck and blessed the body...

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The Complete Woman 

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The Complete  Woman Excerpt

Chapter One
Vanessa - December 1969

THE ANXIETY THAT had stabbed at the center of Natalia’s chest since getting the phone call amplified tenfold as she rushed past the ambulance in the emergency bay. Lights rotating like a beacon in the night, the paramedics unloaded the man gasping deeply for oxygen his injured body starved for between moans of pain. He was middle-aged, with peppered hair mussed around an aging face, creased with the roadmap of life. The sheet that cocooned him was stained red.
     Natalia felt her stomach turn, and the bile rise to her throat.
     Swallow. Swallow. Swallow.
    She wondered how the two guarding police officers flanking the ambulance were able to stand there with an expression of absolute indifference as the paramedics wheeled the man off.
     For one heady moment she thought that could have been Vanessa, and the sick ball at the pit of her stomach tightened. She breathed for calm, once, twice. As composed as she could manage to get, Natalia made her way past the unmarked police cars, the gawkers, cameras and flashbulbs through the sliding doors. Bulleting past the emergency waiting room, she made a dash for the nursing station.
     “I’m looking for someone who was brought in by ambulance an hour ago,” ...

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The Guilty Woman 

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